How to Bypass Windows 7 Password

How to bypass Administrator password on Windows 7? As you may know there are quite a few ways to bypass password from Windows 7, here we will present you the most effective ones. Windows 7 Admin password is typical Windows security measure to secure your computer and data. Obviously it's not perfect, it can't really secure your data, buy having a log in password is really the 101 of security.

Sometimes you can experience this problematic issue when you forget your Windows 7 password. You are wondering what to do in this situation? We have described few solution that will help you to get into Windows is bypass password on Windows 7. We tried to pick the most effective methods you can use and can get oast the password problem.

Solution 1. Bypass Windows 7 Password with Password Reset Disk

Being locked out of Windows 7 is certainly not a pleasent experience. A lot of people don't know they can bypass Windows 7 password with reset disk. This method is one of the one can use if you have forgotten your Admin password. The main drawback of this technique is that the reset disk needs to be create before the password problem happens. So if you want to use this method please make sure you have a password reset disk created before you forgot Windows 7 password; if you don’t have one, skip to the next method.

This method may look bit complicated but in fact it isn't. Check out the following steps in order to bypass Windows 7 Password with password reset disk:

Solution 2. Bypass Windows 7 Password Using Command Prompt

Have you lost your Administration password for Windows 7? You don't have to worry, following technique will help you to get into your Windows without entering the password. This method requires Windows 7 bootable disk so please make sure you have one. If not try another method.

The command prompt Windows 7 password reset technique is rather safe and very easy to perform. Just follow the steps we have described below.

Please note: that this method will only work on local accounts. And you can also use this method for other versions of Windows like Windows 8 or 10.

Solution 3: Bypass Windows 7 Password with Kon-Boot

All the mentioned previous techniques require more or less manual work. If you truely value your time and your are looking for a true Windows 7 password solution there is only one called KON-BOOT. Kon-boot is best Windows password tool that will help you to bypass Windows 7 in seconds. It can bypass forgotten local account password, Microsoft account password for almost all Windows operating systems. Now matter if you want to bypass Administrator account password or normal user. Kon-Boot can do this without problem.

In order to use KON-BOOT, simply:

Check out how you can use Kon-boot to bypass Windows 7 password in the video below:
bypass windows 7 password with kon-boot tool


If you have any problems in bypassing your password and thinking about how to bypass Windows 7 Admin password, try the methods mentioned above. With the help of these methods, you will easily reset your passwords. By using our techniques you can your Windows again without resetting it or losing your data. Dealing with lost Windows 7 password can be hard but with tools like KON-BOOT it is nothing to be afraid of.